Aneve. It’s an unusual word. It could mean a combination of glamour, creativity, and mystery. Ideal for a modern hairdressing salon. Although it’s a great word to describe the brand, this is the real story behind the name…


When Jen and Sasha decided to join forces (more on that a bit later), they set about coming up with a name that was special to them. Something personal and unforgettable. Then along came their aha moment: blending the names of Jen’s two kids, Angus and Eve. Add the word hair and …ta-da! Aneve Hair. 


By a strange twist of fate, Sasha’s surname is Neve and her little boy’s name is Archie. A.Neve. Pure coincidence and a great side note to the story.


Jen and Sasha met as co-workers in the early ‘noughties’ and they just clicked. They knew they were a great hairdressing duo but didn’t realise they were destined to become business partners. Fast forward 16 years, and that’s exactly what happened. 


Aneve Hair opened its doors in August 2015, with Jen and Sasha enthusiastically welcoming clients into their bright and contemporary salon. From day one, the spacious design and relaxed environment of the salon was a hit with their clients.


Jen and Sasha have never looked back. They are still welcoming new clients and expanding their team of experienced stylists.


Aneve is home to a talented team who can look after your entire family, whether it’s your small child’s first haircut, your teenage son’s latest hair fad or your adult daughter’s wedding hairdo. And of course, taking care of you at your regular salon visits. 


For cuts and colours, elaborate styles and professional advice, trims and Keratin smoothing, Aneve Hair is the answer to your hairdressing needs. 


Isn’t it funny how you find yourself chatting to your hairdresser the way you chat to your school friends at a reunion? By the time you leave the salon after your first visit, you feel like you’ve known your hairdresser for years. And you have shared all the important snippets of your life.


But what do you know about your hairdresser? Think about that for a minute … the answer is probably “not too much”. That’s because you talk to us, we listen to what you want to share, and we do this because we want you to feel relaxed in our salon.


Now it’s time that we shared a little bit about us with you, our loyal clients. 

Let's start with Jen and Sasha ...




As a teenager, Sasha spent a lot of time at a Warragul café owned by her parents where she got to know the regular customers. One of the café regulars offered Sash a Saturday morning job in her hairdressing salon. Sash accepted the offer, even though hairdressing had never been on her radar. Nobody was more surprised than Sasha when she realised on that first Saturday morning that this was exactly what she wanted … to be a hairdresser and eventually have her own salon.  Sasha started her hairdressing career in 2002. 


Sash treats her salon visitors like old friends and likes a chat and a laugh. She enjoys everything about hairdressing, but she really loves getting her gloves dirty. She is an absolute guru in all aspects of hair colouring and foils. Colour correction work is her favourite challenge (you know … when you come into the salon after you’ve tried and failed the colour-your-hair-at-home test). No need to be embarrassed – Sash will talk you through what’s needed and get on with the task.


Outside of the salon, Sash soaks up quality time with her family. When she can, she squeezes in some time at the gym. 




Jen has been on the hairdressing block since way back in 1990. Yep – the year that Edward Scissorhands was released; when long-haired fraudsters and pop-duo Milli Vanilli won and lost their Grammy Award; and importantly (for Jen) the year that Geelong great Patrick Dangerfield was born.


Three decades in the biz and Jen is accomplished in all areas of hairdressing. She is well known for being an expert on the scissors. But it’s not just about hairdressing for Jen – she loves getting to know her clients and it shows. Jen is always quick with a smile and has an infectious laugh to lift your spirits


Jen is a devoted Mum to Angus and Eve (the stars of the name Aneve) and enjoys relaxing at home with her hubby and kids. When it’s footy season, Jen is a vocal supporter of her beloved Geelong Cats and gets to the live games when she can.


Alyza, Hairdresser

Alyza is bubbly and chatty and has a natural flair to just make you feel good. She started hairdressing in 2017 and soon realised it was a great job for tapping into her creative side. Not only is hairdressing expanding her creativity, she is interacting with different people every day. One of the biggest rewards for Alyza is the continuous introduction to new and interesting people.


When she’s not buzzing around the salon, Alyza likes to lace up her skates and whip around the nearest ice rink, or simply get lost in the pages of a good book.


Amber, Hairdresser

Amber has been hairdressing since 2010 and her field of expertise in the salon is foils. She understands the importance of getting the foils just right. 


Once Amber has worked her foiling magic, she loves nothing more than seeing the smiles on the faces of her very happy clients. It’s the confidence she gives her clients that makes Amber feel great.


Baking is something else that makes Amber feel great, and she loves sharing the finished products with her husband and two boys. Time with her family is hugely important to Amber.


Dannie, Hairdresser

Dannie was introduced to hairdressing in 2019. She is fascinated with how reassuring a simple visit to the hairdressers can be for some people. Giving someone a new style, colour or cut and seeing their reaction is priceless and gives Dannie a real sense of satisfaction. 


Dannie has an artistic flair and likes painting, fashion, makeup and dancing. And food … she really enjoys food.


Bianca, Hairdresser

Bianca's love of hairdressing started 15 years ago and has never faded. She loves taking time to chat with clients and specialises in blonde-work (but she is a whiz in all areas of hairdressing.) 

Bianca is an indoorsy-outdoorsy person...indoors for work, outdoors for play. When she needs some get-away-from-it-all downtime, she heads to a beach or a campsite. When she wants more than a mini break, she likes to travel around Australia.

Hanging out with friends and family is what she enjoys most. And the person Bianca loves to hang out with more than anyone is her adorable son, Lewie. Born in 2020, Lewie is her bundle of sheer delight, and being a Mum is Bianca's biggest career highlight.

Jen and Sasha are thrilled with the support network and friendships they have built with their tight-knit team – Alyza, Amber, Dannie and Bianca.